Charlotte Business Phone Systems 704-598-4700Amongst the employees in an office, a continuous and rapid transfer of information takes place on a daily basis. What do all these conversations require? A medium of trusted devices efficiently exchanging information. In Charlotte, a customized TelWare office or warehouse paging system is an absolute must in terms of successful communication during routine business.

The ability to relay a message, instruction or question is critical when thinking about the overall turnaround time involved with delivering any product or service to a client. Able to design paging networks anywhere from a small business environment to a large manufacturing setting, TelWare installs trustworthy brands like Avaya, Valcom, Bogen Communications, or Viking to satisfy and maintain these requirements.

The essence of this product is to instantly grant Charlotte companies easy access to anyone in their buildings. Important core advantages of TelWare’s paging systems are that building size is not an issue, and paging will ensure that incoming calls reach the right person. Also, anywhere from multiple party conference call discussions to 30-second reminders are uninterrupted and ideal for critical situations.

“Paging increases work output,” says Mike Canipe of TelWare. “Our systems come with many (optional) features that are easy to adapt procedures to and make communication within your office more secure.”

Warehouse Paging System Features

Below are some features that can come with your paging network:

  • Emergency evacuation
  • Background music
  • Overhead page
  • Priority override
  • Night ring
  • Multi-zone
  • High noise level environment
  • High fidelity

Benefits of Warehouse Paging Systems

Avaya’s business paging units are rich in benefits for your company, including:

  • Reliability
  • Low Cost
  • Group calling
  • Proven technology
  • Wide coverage
  • Integration

Paging is more hands free then ever before. For example, if your company selects the Avaya business telephone/paging system, you will have access to more communication options out of one piece of equipment. An easy to read screen located centrally on the paging unit allows for simple access to anyone in your office. Less time devoted to thinking of ways to quickly get in touch with a fellow employee, leaves more time for attention intensive tasks and reaching results.

To learn more about TelWare’s office or warehouse paging systems in Charlotte please contact Mike Canipe at 704-598-4700. Complex, frustrating or faulty paging systems are truly a headache of the past. We look forward to helping custom fit your professional facility with the perfect paging system!

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