If your organization has multiple sites and you are interested in saving some serious bucks on your telecom expenses, this post is for you! Here are a couple of new technologies that can help you reduce your telecom expenses: Line Pooling and Line Bursting.

Line Pooling

Line Pooling is the ability to share dial-tone lines between your company’s multiple locations across the city, state, or country. Instead of having an excessive amount of phone lines so that callers will not receive a busy signal, Line Pooling technology allows you to share telephone line resources across multiple locations. Thus, you do not need as many lines. What are the chances that all the lines in all of your offices are being used at the same time? Somewhere between slim and none. Remember that 50% of business calls take place on a cell phone, even when you’re sitting in your office beside the desk phone.

Line Bursting

With Line Bursting technology, your customers will never receive a busy signal when they call you. What is the value of a missed call? Every company is different. The old way of not missing a call is to have enough lines for your customers and vendors to call in on. This can be expensive. With analog lines from the telephone company these lines can cost from $30.00 - $50.00 each per month. Or, if you have a digital circuit (T1 or PRI) then you would have up to 24 paths for incoming and outgoing calls. The cost for a PRI circuit is coming down, but expect to pay between $250.00 to $450.00 per month depending on the service provider.

How Does This Impact Your Monthly Telecom Bottom Line?

When Line Pooling and Line Bursting technology is used together, it can greatly reduce your monthly telecom expenses. You can reduce your line count without the fear of missing a call. Here are several examples:

• A dollar store, that has over 10,000 stores across the country, went from one line per store (10,000 lines) to sharing only 3,000 lines. These stores were rolled out at a clip of 500 stores per month.
• An RV dealer with 3 locations went from 30 lines to 9 lines. What is the value of a missed call at a RV dealer? $300K +.
• An auto dealer with 14 locations went from 256 lines to 89 lines. The savings cost-justified a new VoIP telephone solution in all the stores to replace their 15 year-old system.

To find out more about how to reduce your telecom expenses, contact business telephone system provider TelWare at 1-800-637-3148 or

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