We can all agree that the business world has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Thanks to technological advancements, both large corporate companies and small businesses are now more mobile and global. While all aspects of technology are important to this change, it is the ability to communicate that has had the greatest impact. Modern businesses relay and receive information more quickly and conveniently than ever before. Below we will see why current communications technology and services are so essential to business success.

3CX Desk Phone
Improved Mobility

To understand the importance of modern-day phone systems, we must first understand communication limitations occurring until the end of the twentieth century. Before office phones became a necessity in business, enterprises functioned much differently. Employees stayed in the office most of the day and rarely connected with the outside world. The employees who left the office, such as sales representatives, would often need to drive from customer sites to the office multiple times a day to gather information and report interactions. The same concept applied to field employees, such as technicians or fleet workers/drivers. Due to the lack of communication options, companies racked up transportation and logistics expenses.

Twenty-first-century employees, however, are constantly mobile but still expected to be accessible at all times. The companies who are a cut above possess the latest mobile solutions, such as the mobile applications and twinning features that accompany TelWare phone systems. An employee’s desk phone, computer softphone, and mobile phone ring at the same time, allowing the staff member to answer on any device using an easy-to-use interface. Calls never go unanswered.

Advancements in Global Reach

Companies’ needs and functions have also expanded from local to global outreach as technology has advanced. To meet the demand for low-cost remote communication, TelWare offers the latest video-conferencing applications—so office staff can hold virtual meetings with the feel of intimate face-to-face meetings. For example, with 3CX’s WebRTC technology, companies can enjoy high-quality video conferencing through their web browser, saving them travel time and money. Other offices enjoy Avaya Equinox Meetings Online, which allows them to dial over thirty-five countries at no extra cost using almost any device. With today’s technology, the options for developing long-distance business relationships are endless.

Low Costs for Higher Quality

Now that the internet is more than fast enough to support cloud-based phone systems, most businesses are transitioning from on-premises systems to a hosted system. After all, businesses require dependable, crystal-clear communication that is also affordable. With TelWare’s hosted system, there are no on-site hardware maintenance costs, and problems can usually be solved remotely by our trusted technicians. Cloud systems are also scalable; lines can be added or removed as needed, so businesses only pay for what they need.

Progressive Security

In past years, natural disasters could ruin a business and result in an exorbitant loss of time, money, and data. However, current data-backup capabilities have been a game changer. TelWare backs up their clients’ data (as well as their own) in the cloud through multiple colocation warehouses around the country. Knowing TelWare has your company’s back ensures that you never have to worry about your data getting lost, deleted, or stolen again.

Young Employees Collaborating
The Need for Speed

One of the major trends in business now is the desire for faster results and returns. Return on Investment (ROI) is almost always a factor for corporations and small businesses today. We want the latest, greatest, and fastest for our business, and keeping up with technology is the best way to do that. No longer can a business drag its feet when it comes to communication devices. Being a late adapter in this day and age often means you are putting your company at risk of going out of business in the long term. As technology exponentially advances, so should the companies that wish to thrive.

As a national leader in the installation of voice, video, and data solutions, TelWare has the most up-to-date technology when it comes to communication. From desk phones to conference phones to mobile apps, TelWare has all the products your business needs to succeed. Not only do we have the best technology for your company, we are an all-in-one service provider. We can be your one-stop shop for cabling, hardware, software, and support. Our expert technicians are available for 24/7 emergency support to all of our hosted customers.

To learn more about staying current with the latest communications technology, contact TelWare at 1-800-637-3148 or sales@telware.com. TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video, data, and unified communications solutions.

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