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Everyone in the stock world had the same opportunity recently with the introduction of the Alibaba stock. Not sure what Alibaba is? Greater Charlotte Biz featured a great article on this new initial public offering of stock in a company which is China’s version of Ebay and Amazon rolled together. The Alibaba IPO (Initial Public Offering) was $68 per share before trading. Some people were in a frenzy to get their hands on it. Others saw the same information and chose not to act.*
Alibaba Stock IPO

As of the opening day of trading, the stock shot up to high of $99 per share. WOW! This makes it the largest Tech IPO in history, valued at $25 Billion (larger than Facebook or Twitter). The enormous increase in per share price represents a 45.6% jump. Literally, one moment you could have $1000 in stock, and the next moment you would have $1456.

If you waited, saw the excitement of the first day of trading and then decided it was time to join in, you would have lost 11% since the stock slid down to $89 per share, and be left with only $898. You would have missed the opportunity.

Telecom Opportunities

This is how we see the telecom market in the present day. The world of big bandwidth, cloud services, data centers, new phone systems, calling features, and SIP (Session Initiated Protocol); all of these present a world of opportunity that businesses can take advantage of and learn to streamline, consolidate and expand business operations all at the same time.

Does that even make sense? Consolidate and expand? Consolidation of business units can drive internal cost saving by leveraging technology to be more productive, while expanding access and communication to streamline processes. Sounds like an opportunity.

But, what are the costs of procrastination . . . lost revenues, falling behind competition, lack of access and communication?

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*This article is not intended to give trading advice.
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