2017 Update

Time Warner Cable/Charter
These are a few of the mergers or acquisitions that have hit headlines recently. As the telecom industry sees consolidation and downward-pricing pressure from increased competition, our customers are recognizing potential opportunities.

Downward Pricing

The obvious benefit here is that pricing that was competitive six to 12 months ago may further decrease as competition in a changing media landscape drives pricing. We are seeing a tremendous amount of activity as we negotiate broadband and fiber contracts within the new consolidated footprint. Increased bandwidth and reduced pricing is a winning combination.


Consolidation helps with the breadth of reach and scope of services that can be offered by the new consolidated companies. As footprints increase, new solutions and possibilities are uncovered that can create compelling change stories for customers. Enterprises are recognizing new possibilities for virtualization or the addition of cloud services.
TelWare has over 30 years of experience in the telecom industry and can help our customers navigate these changes as we have for thousands of clients.
Give us a call to review your current network and see if we can uncover new efficiencies or better pricing.

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