As an owner of a small eCommerce business, you worked long hours to get up and running. What’s more, you were able to get the jump on your competition in a couple of global markets as well.

One thing you’ve tried to do religiously is to follow what you felt were best practices when it came to backing up your data. As such, you came to rely on Flash drives and a tape system for nightly backups.

And then it happened: you received that ‘3 a.m.’ call that your systems were crashing, files erasing and no way to stop it. Worse, anyone trying to access your website was receiving a DNS (denial of service) notification, and the likelihood that customers were moving on to your competitor’s site.

A post on Mashable regarding disaster recovery notes that 57% of small businesses are operating without such a plan. The overview points out how important it is to forget about using a DIY approach. Instead, it makes more sense to get professional help to create a disaster recovery plan.

As simple as it seems, the best approach is to actually have a plan, one that staff can turn to protect the network. Furthermore, IT experts in the article say it makes sense to “Keep at least one verified copy of critical data offsite.”

Too often, business owners think that just because they have an updated antivirus software that malware will never get penetrate the network: not so.

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