Hotel Management using a phoneIn part one of this blog, we shared how hotels can utilize TelWare’s hosted services to automate communications functions related to check-in and checkout, wake-up calls, and Do Not Disturb designations.

In part two, we’ll discuss additional features, from personalized data to mobile options. The end result? Your staff will have more time to deliver top-notch, personalized customer service — and your guests will leave smiling.


Every hotel strives to add a personal touch when providing customer service to a guest. Imagine being able to see the guest’s name, room number, and phone number when he or she calls, so the desk clerk, manager, or room-service attendant can greet the guest by name. And because your guest can place a Do Not Disturb designation on his or her phone system, your staff members will know in advance whether or not they can knock on the guest’s door.

It’s details like these that will encourage your guests to return again and again for more of the same first-rate service.

PMS Integration

Perhaps one of the most convenient features of TelWare-hosted hotel communications is the ability to work with existing hotel software systems or property-management systems like Hilton, Protel, roomMaster, Brilliant Hotel Software, Micros Fidelo and others. Integration can be achieved by utilizing a Fidelio- or Mitel-compatible interface — and can be accomplished at a low cost because it takes advantage of VoIP technology.

Housekeeping Records

We can help your housekeeping staff significantly streamline record keeping, so they can provide accurate and efficient service. For example, housekeeping staff will be able to conveniently designate a room’s current status as “dirty,” “clean” or “vacated” by using their assigned codes. In addition, they can easily assign minibar charges right from the room after surveying what the guest has used.


For stress-free communications billing, your staff will have access to logs of all calls from each hotel room, as well as associated call costs. You will also have access to call data records (CDRs) for each call. The CDR can be sent to a text file or a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port — which orchestrates a connection-based transmission of data — based on your customization requests.

Staff Mobility

Finally, your employees will enjoy cost-saving telephone and data communications on both their IP phones and their mobile phones. Equally as important, your establishment will love its increased mobility. Even if a staff member has to run an errand, disappear to a back room to find a guest supplies, or talk to a manager off-site about a pressing problem, accessibility is still maintained though mobile options. For ease of use, a single number is provided to all employees, and if your staff members prefer real-time visual communication, video conferencing is available with WebRTC.

To learn more about TelWare-hosted hotel communications, contact TelWare at 1-800-637-3148 or TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video and data solutions.

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