TelWare is excited to announce that our Charlotte warehouse facility is undergoing an expansion! Increased space will allow us to store more business phone inventory, supply more customers with cabling services, and train a larger maintenance repair staff. All of this is being done to bring better, more reliable and quicker service to our customers. The growing demand for our business communication production services has fueled our need to expand. This expansion will almost double the size of the existing warehouse!

TelWare is excited to announce the expansion of our warehouse facility! 800-637-3148

Additional warehouse space means our product distribution to customers will require less time because we will have more products in inventory. For example, the Avaya 9508 is one of our top selling office business phones. Customers love the reliability and multi-function operation the system adds to their team members. The completion of our warehouse extension means we will be supplying these to our Charlotte customers faster then ever before.

"We are excited to have more Avaya 9508's in our larger inventory space" says Mike Canipe of TelWare. "Our customers depend on our products and having them so readily available means they can be installed, up and running much faster."

More warehouse space means TelWare will be able to expand it's inventory and provide better service to the Charlotte! 800-637-3148

Our cabling services are popular throughout the Charlotte area. As our clients investigate office space growth or relocate to larger spaces, they rely on services like Structured Cabling to route their networks in an organized, manageable system. Our expanded warehouse will have more cabling materials so that we can respond quicker to customers. The more cabling we have readily available will lead to a shorter wait time for our customers. This means less idle time invested into waiting on us, and more time they will have to conduct their business!

Another benefit of more warehouse space is that TelWare will be able to increase our training efforts. “This is thrilling for us because by better educating and equipping our staff with up-to-date IT solution knowledge the quality of our services to you will be enhanced” says Canipe.

For example, the expansion will allow us to expand our lab area to accommodate the needed space for technicians troubleshooting and doing pre-installation programming and testing, as well as provide more secure storage. We will have the resources in our warehouse to internally repair and maintain systems for a faster return of service for your company.

TelWare will now be able to train more IT solutions professionals to better serve you. 800-637-3148

We are delighted about our warehouse expansion project, and look forward to being able to better provide business telephone and communication services for your company. For more on our warehouse expansion or communications solutions call Mike Canipe of TelWare at 704-598-470. Increased space for us means better, quicker business telephone and communication solution services for you!

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