Should you switch your business over to an IP phone system?

Everyone has a smartphone, especially if you're a business professional, and let's face it – an almost equal amount of work is being done on your smartphone as the work you do on your desktop. Workplace mobility is a key to success, and employers have been encouraging the Bring Your Own Device to work movement.

Understand that your younger employees probably have never owned a landline and aren't used to using one. Tethering them to a landline at their cubicle would feel unnatural and might hamper their productivity.

Untether Your Employees

This is where IP phones can help you: With IP phones, your employees can use apps that allow them to link their cubicle IP phones with their smartphones via your company's WiFi.

No matter where your employees are, an IP phone system allows them to be constantly reachable. Temporarily not being at their desk won't make them miss calls anymore.

Remember Redundancy

Before you install your first IP phone system, make sure to get a backup internet connection. Now that your internet connection is going to be your communications system, you need to take precautionary measures. A good internet company seldom has internet outages, but it does happen. Having your phone lines down for more than an hour can lead to loss of business and profits.

Make sure your backup internet connection isn't being provided by the same ISP – if one service is down, chances are the others are too. Avoid this by having both internet services be from wholly different companies.

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