All businesses need a disaster recovery plan. Natural disasters and terrorist attacks pose a legitimate threat in today's world, and evaluation of your organizations needs during an emergency will provide seamless continuation of communication services.

The first step towards disaster recovery is to ensures services are quickly repaired and communications systems are running properly. Organizations using VoIP services are better prepared to handle disaster situations versus traditional phone line companies.

Connect at Another Location:

A benefit of the VoIP phone services allows unplugging the unit from your original place of business and connecting it at a secondary location where a high-speed internet connection is available.

External Phone Numbers:

VoIP phone networks have internal numbers and extensions via an outside phone number. With unified aspects for inboxes and messaging, staff can reach the VoIP network from an outside phone line. If disaster strikes, the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) takes incoming and outgoing calls, with the VoIP phone system’s network notified.

Reconfigure Employees:

In an evacuation, you can configure your VoIP network via a remote location through a web interface, and modify employee settings at a backup location. This ensures your business the ability to communicate quickly after a disaster situation.

Back Up Databases:

Achieving seamless working of the telephone services takes a good disaster recovery plan and implementation. Back up all VOIP and data systems for emergency restoration. Recovery of telecommunication systems soon after an emergency is possible with replicated databases at the distributor site.

In a disaster or emergency, it is important your business remain in contact and be available to clients. Add a VoIP recovery plan to your current recovery plan.

To find out more about how TelWare can design a custom solution for your organization's communications needs, contact us at 1-800-637-3148 or sales@telware.com. TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video, data and unified communication solutions. TelWare is an Authorized Avaya Partner and Star2Star Dealer.

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