If you recently purchased an SIP-hosted system from TelWare, you may be curious about the 3CX application.

Cloud PBX is a software-based IP phone system that grants you mobility and increases productivity. Take your extension anywhere using the mobile clients for iOS or Android. This unified communications solution allows you to easily check the status of your colleagues, use the click-to-call feature, manage your status, set up conference calls, and organize video conferences from your computer or mobile device. If you're thinking "Why 3CX?" you need to read our previous blod on the advantages of 3CX phone system.

Getting Started

3CX TelWare welcome Email

You will receive a welcome email from TelWare with instructions on how to set up your new 3CX software on your mobile device or computer. This tutorial will assist you in setting up the 3CX application for your iPhone. Although this tutorial is specifically for the iPhone, it is very similar to installing the app on your Windows or Android device.

First, you need to open the email that was sent to you when your extension was created; you should open the email on the device you would like to set up. (If you cannot find the email, kindly ask TelWare to resend it.) If you don’t have a work email set up on your phone, you may forward it to your personal email and open it that way. Just make sure to include the attachment from the original email as you'll use it later.

Installing the Client

Next, download the appropriate client for your device:
For Windows: http://downloads.3cx.com/downloads/3CXPhoneforWindows14.msi
For Mac: http://downloads.3cx.com/downloads/3CXPhoneforMac14.dmg
For Android: //play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tcx.sipphone14
For iPhone: //itunes.apple.com/us/app/3cxphone-14-for-3cx-phone/id992045982?ls=1&mt=8

After installing the 3CX application, open the welcome email on your device. The attachment contains your extension details and will automatically configure your client for use with 3CX. Open this attachment to automatically configure the client to your extension. Your iPhone will ask which app to open the attachment as shown below. Click on the 3CX icon.

Click to open the attachment to configure your 3cx client

Click 3CX to run the configuration information

At this point, the 3CX app should open. You will see your name at the top right, "Available" at the top left and "On Hook" in the dial screen.

You're Ready to Start Using the 3CX App!

TIP: If you cannot find the original welcome email and you want to retrieve information such as your voicemail number, pin or other useful information, please select the option “Request Welcome Email” in the app settings.

Learn how to get more out of 3CX at www.3cx.com.

For more information about which SIP phones are ideal for your business, contact TelWare at 1-800-637-3148 or sales@telware.com. TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video, data and unified communications solutions. TelWare is an authorized Avaya, Star2Star, SimpleWAN and 3CX dealer.

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