Many businesses opt for outsourcing their IT management. Outsourcing works extremely well, especially in terms of reducing costs. Running an in-house data center is expensive. Yet, even with outsourcing, you must decide whether to use a co-location partner or transition completely to a cloud computing alternative. Below are several signs that co-location hosting is the best choice for your business.

Your Hardware Set-up Works Fine

If you own hardware and your network is operating with minimal issues, there is no need to migrate to new hardware. This is the case for many businesses. However, you can still reduce costs by moving your current hardware to a co-location facility. A co-location facility helps to reduce costs as you are not paying for any energy or cooling costs associated with operating an in-house data center.

In-House Data Center Maintenance Is Too Costly

One thing businesses that have in-house data centers can agree on is that they are expensive to maintain. The costs can include the hiring of full-time IT technicians to manage and operate the servers, as well as utility costs to power and cool hardware. It is often difficult for small business owners to budget these costs. Outsourcing server maintenance can eliminate the costs of hiring in-house technicians. Utility costs are also reduced when your hardware is operating in a co-location facility.

Your Business Does Not Have a Disaster Recovery Plan

A disaster can occur at any time and if your business is not prepared, it could suffer from significant data loss. If your business lacks a disaster recovery plan, it makes it very difficult to recover quickly if at all. A co-location facility ensures your systems are working and available when disaster strikes by having various levels of redundancies in place. By outsourcing your IT administrative tasks to the IT experts in the co-location facility, you can have a disaster recovery plan created that is best suited to your business.

If you can relate to any of the above, chances are co-location is a good fit for your business. Co-location provides cost savings as well as peace of mind for your business.

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