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Cloud computing is a form of centralized information technology that leverages the internet as its communication conduit. Technologies such as a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), implemented either centrally in the cloud or within the enterprise, decrease administrative overhead. VDI enables companies to run virtual desktop environments with the following benefits:

  • lowered IT costs (less staff required to manage desktops);
  • decreased hardware maintenance (because the desktop environments run on robust server hardware virtually rather than on individual PCs throughout the enterprise);
  • increased security (because IT staff have full control over virtual desktop environment updates, antivirus programs and other types of programs installed);
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) capabilities, a low-maintenance, secure way to leverage employee-owned or company-subsidized devices — saving the company training and hardware expenses while increasing employee morale; and
  • increased fault tolerance and disaster recovery by instituting instant restoration using frequent snapshot backups of each desktop — should applications or the desktop operating system fail.

Virtual desktop infrastructure also benefits organization business processes directly. VDI increases efficiency by enabling remote desktop operations over high-speed local networks rather than over bandwidth-challenged remote VPN or WAN connections. VDI also facilitates communication between remote offices, workers, and contractors because remote collaboration applications can perform at LAN speeds. In addition, VDI can help to substantially reduce or eliminate remote connectivity issues with in-house business applications such as CRM and ERP when virtual desktops are co-located in the same data center as essential services.

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