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Virtualization is the current buzzword in the information-technology (IT) industry. While it sounds like a complicated undertaking reserved for big businesses, its application has lately gained momentum even among small- to medium-sized enterprises.

So, what is virtualization? It is, in simple terms, a combination of software and hardware elements to create virtual machines. These virtual machines function just like they would if they existed physically, but with the main advantage of consuming fewer resources.

Below are some of the reasons businesses of all sizes need to embrace virtualization:

Cost Savings

Companies looking to reduce their expenditure on desktop and laptop computers can have virtual desktops whereby users use a single server. The multiple users only require their respective screens and keyboards. This arrangement saves on software-license costs since multiple users will be sharing a single operating system. With less physical machines, companies get to save on maintenance and overall IT expenses. Virtualization also has the direct effect of energy cost reduction.

Enhanced Reliability and Security

Virtualization allows easy monitoring of your business’s IT resources. It enables you to promptly identify and isolate corrupt data before it affects your whole operation. Virtualization also helps to conduct a disaster recovery efficiently with minimal downtime.

Dynamic Load Distribution

For companies with operations in multiple locations, virtualization enables load balancing between terminals that are overutilizing the resources of a server and those that are underutilizing. This ensures optimal use of company resources at any given time.

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