For busy executives of mid-sized businesses, there are constant meetings, both onsite and remote; conference calls; video calls; projects; and deadlines to meet. I often have lunch with business owners or IT managers who are hyper-connected due to clients having direct access to their personal cell phone number. They can often be heard asking a client to “call the office and ask for so-and-so.” Late night calls are often the norm for these executives and it can have a frustrating impact on their work/life balance.

Mobile Productivity on Your Terms

Avaya IP Office offers a full suite of mobility features that can make you as accessible as you wish to be. Whether in the office, on the road, at a hotel, or anywhere in between, you can stay connected.

  • Calls can be received and managed on your Apple iPad, iPhone, Android device, Mac or PC.
  • Presence can be updated to the office to keep your co-workers aware of the meeting you’re walking into with a large client.
  • Instant Messaging (IM) allows quick impromptu conversations to check on status or ask a question.
  • Voice mail can be checked via email, mobile app, traditional dial in (anyone do this anymore?), or web portal.
  • Voice conferences can be managed from any device and allows visibility as to who is on the conference. Any participant can be placed on mute or dropped as needed.
  • Video conferences can be initiated with a couple clicks of a mouse.
  • Calls routed to any of these devices can easily be transferred anywhere at anytime; no longer must a client call back in for support. Now, you simply transfer them from your mobile device to the destination.

All of this connectivity is awesome, but my favorite feature is the ability to send out my office number from any device, from anywhere. I can now make calls from a personal mobile device without the fear of clients having direct access to my personal cell number at 1am in the morning. (We have 24/7/365 support lines for these types of calls.)

To find out more about how Avaya IP Office mobile features can improve your communications, contact business telephone system provider TelWare at 1-800-637-3148 or

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