call center agentsHas your business ever wished it could route calls based on the time of the call, customer type, or customer’s response ― without spending an excessive amount of time on complex programming? With TelWare’s hosted solutions and the 3CX Call Flow Designer (available free with a PRO license), you can design specific call flows with a simple drag-and-drop graphic interface.

Endless Applications

The Call Flow Designer (CFD) allows you to direct calls to specific extensions based on various conditions or variables, including time of day, date, or customer input. Calls can also be routed to a certain queue based on customer type. For example, perhaps you only want to route a caller to a technical support department if they are currently paying for support services. CFD can request a customer account number and instantly check your business’s database; if the customer has a current support contract, the call is routed to support staff at the help desk; if not, the customer is routed to sales personnel who can further help the customer.

CFD can also orchestrate automated phone surveys, voice payment gateways, callback schedulers, and automatic outbound dialers.

The program can even validate a customer number and/or pin number using various data sources, including a web service, an XML file, a CSV text file or a SQL server database.

Call-Flow Visual Design

Creating your call flow is easy; instead of worrying about complicated scripting and programming, you simply drag and drop visual building blocks, or components that have specific configurations, into a project. Examples of components that you can use to build your voice application include the following: call flow designer

  • Playback
  • Menu
  • User input
  • Record
  • Disconnect
  • Call transfer
  • Database access
  • Email sender
  • Read/write to file
  • Code execution
  • HTTP requests
  • Sockets

Once you have designed your call flow and verified that it works, you simply upload your voice application to 3CX.

Time-Saving Benefits

As a result, you can automate repetitive tasks that consume your agents’ time. In addition, you will provide top-notch customer service because your customer will always be routed to the right place, or receive requested information, in a timely manner.

To learn more about call-flow options, contact TelWare at 1-800-637-3148 or TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video and data solutions.

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