Software-defined networking (SDN) is an important component in today's networking environment. According to the SD-WAN Resource Center, SDN helps administrators "to virtualize their networking hardware and bring added agility and cost savings." Wide area networks (WAN) are one of the network types that stand to benefit the most from SDN integration. Like most SD-incorporated networks, SD-WAN provides cost savings and agility improvements. However, there are several other benefits. Here are four ways SD-WAN can help your organization:

  1. Security: SD-WAN is significantly more secure than traditional WAN networks. Traditionally, WAN security is handled "through multiple appliances at each branch office." With SD-WAN, security takes place in-box. Moreover, SD-WAN allows for malware defenses, web content filtering and botnet command-and-control intervention.
  2. More Transport Protocol Integration: Wide area networks are virtualized. This allows them to work better with various transport protocols. SD-WAN works with Wi-Fi, MPLS, 3G, 4G LTE, Serial, Internet or Ethernet. Adopting SD-WAN allows your business to use any necessary transport protocol.
  3. Smart Pathway Control: SD-WAN automatically manages traffic based on the applications being used. Traffic-forwarding is managed by the centralized controller and "pushed out to all SD-WAN devices." You can set your policies based on time of day, application profiles, IP addresses, port numbers, quality of services or any other criteria based on your needs.
  4. Automatic Provisioning: SD-WAN allows for much easier provisioning than traditional wide area networks. The SD-WAN devices can be sent to individual branches unconfigured. It will automatically download its keys, policy and crypto certificate. The device will then learn the necessary traffic patterns.

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