3CX Web Meetings Because staff and clients require versatile communication from any location, TelWare’s hosted phone systems deliver innovative web-meeting and desktop-sharing capabilities to boost information dispensation and collaboration. Now, TelWare hosted users can hold webinars, take surveys, display requested products on a client’s screen, hold conferences, or clinch a sale with a video demonstration. Remote communication has never been more visually engaging, responsive and immediate.

The Power of Personalized Web Meetings

Convenience with WebRTC: Utilizing Google’s WebRTC for web conferencing means users don’t have to spend time downloading plug-ins to join a meeting; instead, web conferencing is conducted seamlessly through a web browser with just one click.

Free Video Chat: Video chat is easy and convenient to use, allowing you to hold virtual meetings with multiple people on a split screen. Good camera etiquette, such as clearing the viewable area of clutter and positioning your camera correctly, is really the only prep work involved; 3CX does the rest.

Click2Meet: One of the newest features, Click2Meet feature allows users to email a personalized link to customers or coworkers, so they can easily join your web meeting from any computer — or request an online meeting with you. Web meetings can be created to meet a current need, or they can be scheduled for a later date. One of TelWare’s favorite related features is the calendar invite, which emails all participants automatic reminders of the upcoming meeting, as well as the URL to join.

Meeting Recording: Another component that TelWare often utilizes in-house is the meeting-recording feature, which can be activated with the click of a button. After the meeting has ended, a download link is then emailed to the conference creator. We find that the recording feature is especially useful if your company is holding a training session and you want to keep the session on file for future use.

Visual Aids: An additional useful web-conferencing feature is the ability to upload PowerPoints and PDF files in advance to complement the content of your presentation. After all, a strong visual aid can often mean the difference in whether you make a sale or boost audience comprehension.

Instant Polls and Surveys: This simple to use web-meeting solution also includes a handy polling/surveying feature to gauge opinions regarding a product or idea — or comprehension levels after a webinar. The feature was recently updated and now allows organizers to view live results as participants answer, share survey results with one click and more.

Queue Click2Meet: For first-rate service, your customer-support center may want to include a support button on its website that links directly to multiple agents in a queue. When a customer clicks on the website’s Click2Meet URL, a web-meeting interface will pop up on his internet browser. Then an email and a chat message are directed to all of the support people in the queue, notifying them of the name of the consumer and his request to meet online. The first available agent clicks on the link to join the virtual meeting; once the meeting is complete, the agents in the queue will be sent an emailed summary.

3CX Web Meeting optionsiPhone and Android Apps: What if you're a delivery driver needing to communicate with your dispatch team? For those who can't get to a computer browser, you can download a simple app to run the web meeting, including video chat. The invitation email will include a link to launch in the app for those remote users. The app also lets you use a "reactions" menu in addition to text-based chat for quick, immediate responses.

A Step Above With Desktop Sharing

While holding a video conference or sales call, imagine being able to share your entire screen or a single application with another user on a different computer. The Virtual Networking Client (VNC) makes it possible to provide valuable problem solving or remarkable customer service. If desired, you can even allow other participants in your web meeting to control your desktop via the remote-control function.

Through web-meeting and desktop-sharing tools, enhancing customer interactions or colleague collaboration has never been easier.

For more information about web-meeting and desktop-sharing innovations, contact TelWare at 1-800-637-3148 or sales@telware.com. TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video, data and unified communications solutions.

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