Brandon Brown, Voip Technition at TelWare Corporation

Here at TelWare we understand the importance of outstanding employees who provide top-notch customer service. Naturally, we would like to take a moment to recognize one of our expert technicians, Brandon Brown.

Brandon has been a TelWare employee for five years now. He joined our team right after his studies at The Citadel. Starting off as a cable technician, Brandon quickly learned the landscape of business-phone infrastructure. Then, hoping to become a support technician, Brandon worked hard to learn as much as he could through in-depth training. He rapidly rose through the ranks and was promoted to tech support after only four months! He now specializes in tech support for one of our largest customers and has his Avaya Engineer Certification.

Quote about Brandon From Shannon

Throughout his first year, Brandon sought the mentorship of more experienced TelWare employees when a learning opportunity presented itself. He discovered a lot of important industry lessons, but the one he considers to be the most important is leaving clients with a positive outlook on our brand. He believes strongly in doing anything possible to right a frustrating situation and makes sure the customer is pleased before leaving the site. Taking the time to listen to someone can go a long way, and Brandon truly understands the importance of stellar customer service.

One of Brandon’s most memorable work experiences was an overnight-installation project he completed as a cable technician—just a few months into his career. While this work was tedious and tiring, the opportunity to work side by side with eight other skilled professionals left a lasting impression; Brandon experienced firsthand how to complete a lengthy complex task with teamwork, careful planning, and efficiency—despite strict time limitations.

Quote From John

Looking forward, Brandon hopes to become a TelWare project manager and use his technician skills to offer a new perspective to the project-management team. Outside of work, Brandon plays video games, builds test environments, and plays paintball. He is also an Eagle Scout.

Thanks for all you do, Brandon. We’re glad to have you on our team!

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