Star2Star end-to-end business phone system. 800-637-3148Your business telephone system is a major expense. To make matters worse, many businesses over pay for their phone systems. But, you shouldn't have to pay excessive amounts to have powerful features, superior call-quality and unmatched reliability on a regular basis. In fact, you don't - that's where Star2Star comes in.

What is Star2Star? It's an end-to-end business VoIP solution. That means customers receive telephone hardware, 24/7 monitoring and management, in addition to the six network operation centers that ensure you'll have uninterrupted service.

"Star2Star provides businesses with everything from hardware and software, to setup and support, all at a fraction of the price,” says Mike Canipe of TelWare. “It’s a solution that’s much less expensive and much more feature-rich.”

How Star2Star VoIP Phone Systems Can Save You Money

Below are a few of the ways that using the Star2Star VoIP telephone system and service can save your business money:

  • Free calling between branch offices.
  • Reduced monthly charges for phone lines.
  • Unlimited local calling.
  • Bundled long distance calling.
  • Low-cost 800 numbers.
  • Unlimited voice mail, auto attendants and conference calling.
  • Complete business continuity protection.
  • Around-the-clock management and monitoring of your system.

Features of Star2Star Systems

There are ample features that come with Star2Star systems, but we will highlight some of our favorites, including:

  • Find-Me/Follow-Me Call Forwarding - Never miss a phone call again. With this feature, incoming calls can be routed to your home, mobile or work phone. You can even set calls to ring all three lines at once!
  • Unlimited Conference Calling - Users can host up to 150 participants for quick, easy and secure conference calls.
  • Analog Device Support - If you are upgrading from a legacy phone system, you can easily connect it to your new Star2Star system. This way, you'll be able to get all the enhanced features and benefits that come with Star2Star, while still operating a system you're comfortable with.
  • Ring Groups Across Locations - Now, when you are receiving an incoming call you can ring groups including users in multiple locations, so your clients can trust that they will always be speaking to the right person for their issue.
  • Paging/Group Paging - With a touch of a button you can now page an individual extension, group extension or even overhead speakers.

Star2Star end-to-end business phone system. 800-637-3148“With recent advances in technology and the internet, there are more business telephone solutions available than ever before,” says Canipe. "We like to keep the options we offer our clients open, so they can find the perfect communication solution to affordably help their business grow."

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