Nothing is worse for a customer's experience than calling and being put on hold for long periods of time. Unless the customer is extremely motivated, being placed on hold increases the chances of them hanging up and could even push them to go with another company.

An integrated paging system in your building can help reduce wait times and allow customers to get in contact with exactly the person that can help them best. This shines a favorable light on your company and allows the customer to see you as a professional organization where their business is important and appreciated.

Find Who You Need Fast

By using today's paging technology you can ensure the person you're looking for is found - quickly. Systems today provide clear messaging, can incorporate visual indicators for the hard of hearing, and can be set up to only interrupt in areas the person is likely to be in, rather than the entirety of the building.

When not being used for paging, the system can be used to provide overhead music. Overhead music can have substantial effects on customers in a retail setting, providing an inviting atmosphere that can lead them to be more likely to make purchases.

For employees, overhead music can help reduce stress, which in turn can help them increase their productivity, as employee relaxation, happiness, and morale is tied closely to how well they perform in a work environment.

Emergency Use

When it counts, a paging system can really step up to the plate. Using various proven techniques, paging systems can aid in emergency situations by providing instructions to everyone in the building at once, even overriding other pages.

This dissemination of information allows for a coordinated effort and keeps things organized during the most stressful of times. Systems can even be in place that use pre-determined announcements in cases such as fire alarms, so employees can be reminded about how to ensure everyone remains safe.

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