Clickshare Device

Presentations are an integral part of most businesses. From sales to meetings, technology is necessary to make any presentation pop. Gone are the days of flipping paper charts on the display board. In order to have a seamless presentation, your technology needs to work with you, not against you. Don’t get caught waiting for your different devices to load or having to switch cables from device to device. Let TelWare help your meetings run more smoothly with ClickShare, the new wireless presentation system. With ClickShare, you can transfer information to a shared main screen from any device.

ClickShare, an add-on that plugs into your USB port, makes presenting a breeze. Simply click the button attached to the USB and begin sharing the contents of your laptop or mobile device on the main presentation screen. This device removes the hassle, so you can go into your next presentation with confidence. Because ClickShare requires virtually no user training, IT support, downloads, or installation, even the most dogged technophobe will enjoy the ease of ClickShare. More importantly, your business will save time and money, since ClickShare helps ensure all your meetings start without delay. Finally, because multiple devices can be used, sharing screens is now easier than ever. Everyone can participate, and meetings are more productive and efficient.

Clickshare benefits

When we say every device, we really mean it. Laptops, tablets, and mobile phones are all compatible with ClickShare. Use the free ClickShare app for your mobile devices to switch between users at the click of a button—without dealing with log-in requests or admin permissions. The app also allows you to record notes on shared content and save pdf files, jpeg images, or Microsoft Office documents to the main meeting-room screen.

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