As the top Charlotte IP video surveillance equipment provider, we are frequently asked about IP video camera systems. Many Charlotte businesses want to know why these types of security camera systems are so popular.

"IP video surveillance systems provide affordable, easy-to-administer video surveillance for physical security purposes," says Mike Canipe of TelWare. "These systems also help increase productivity."

Below are a few more of the benefits that IP video surveillance systems can provide.

IP Video Surveillance Systems Increase Physical Security

The first benefit of using an IP video surveillance system is that it can enhance physical security. An IP camera makes it easy and inexpensive to monitor offices, doors, hallways, parking lots, and other locations from anywhere in the world. This means that these locations can be monitored from a remote location rather than having to be monitored on-site. This remote monitoring capability helps ensure the physical safety of employees at all business locations.

IP Video Surveillance Systems Protect Valuable Assets

The second benefit is the ability to protect valuable assets. An IP video surveillance system can help protect data and other valuable business assets from theft. Just as IP systems can help protect employees, they can also protect your business assets by allowing you to monitor them. This type of surveillance system also allows for this monitoring to be done from remote locations.

IP Video Surveillance Systems Boost Productivity

Another benefit of using IP video surveillance systems is that they can increase productivity. These system can help boost productivity by allowing employees to focus on tasks while also monitoring other locations, such as the reception desk, shop floor, warehouse, or cash register. This ability not only frees up employees to focus on other tasks, but it also provides them with piece of mind so they do not have to worry about keeping an eye on important locations and assets.

"We recently designed and installed an IP video surveillance system for a Charlotte doctor's office with five employees so that they could monitor the front lobby," says Canipe. "Thanks to their new surveillance system, the nurses can attend to patients while also monitoring the front desk and lobby area. Not having to hire a receptionist helped the doctor improve productivity and security, while keeping operating costs low."

To learn more about TelWare's Charlotte IP video surveillance services, contact Mike Canipe with TelWare at 704-598-4700. We look forward to helping you take advantage of all of the communication tools available and continue growing your business!

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