If you’ve ever spent an afternoon playing “phone tag” you know how frustrating it can be. Just missing each other’s calls, leaving messages on cells phones and office phones, and waiting for calls to be returned can test your resolve! In addition to painting a picture of inefficiency, this back-and-forth can also have a negative impact on your business.

In today’s business economy, we’re constantly on the move. Rather than sitting at a desk all day, we’re going to meetings, attending events, collaborating with co-workers, and doing various other tasks that make it difficult to catch us by our office phones.

Luckily, Avaya has created a feature that allows you to use your cell phone to make and receive calls through your business telephone system. This feature, known as “mobile twinning,” is available on the Avaya IP Office system through TelWare.

What Is Mobile Twinning?

Mobile twinning is the ability to “twin” your desk phone to another internal or external phone, such as your cell phone. Calls to your desk phone will ring your cell phone simultaneously, allowing you to answer either device. Mobile twinning allows you to use your cell phone as an extension of your desk phone. This means that when you’re away from your desk, you will still have the ability to make and receive calls through your business telephone system.

With mobile twinning you can also take advantage of your business telephone system’s features via your cell phone. These features include conference calling, caller ID, call waiting and forwarding, voicemail access, and paging. Mobile twinning also uses your office number so your mobile number is kept private.

“The ability to be reachable at any location – your office, home, or traveling – on just one number is an incredible thing,” said Mike Canipe with TelWare. “In today’s workplace, sometimes you need to be available 24/7, and mobile twinning accommodates that perfectly.”

How Could Mobile Twinning Benefit Me?

The benefits for your business are abundant and include:

  • Easier for customers to contact you.
  • Make remote calls though your office number.
  • Increased efficiency with less missed calls.
  • Increased responsiveness because you can receive calls from anywhere.
  • Decreased phone expenses.
  • Increased productivity because less time spent returning calls.

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