At TelWare, we consider selling a business telephone system to be just the beginning of our relationship with the client. After the sale of the system, our customers can count on us to make sure it has the right functionality and flexibility for a growing business. They can also count on us to make sure their entire staff is trained on how to use the new business telephone system.

We know that the installation of any new system can involve an extended period of familiarisation, often resulting in a decrease of employee productivity and performance. TelWare's customer training is intended to give you the best possible introduction to your new phone system and decrease the amount of time required to reach proficiency. We help you enjoy the full benefits of your system, right from the outset!

"TelWare's customer training gives your team the skills to unlock the full value of your new business telephone system," says Taffy Graziadei, Training Coordinator for TelWare. "Our goal is to maximize your investment in your new system. We believe that it's not a solution until you know how to use it!"

Training Professionals

TelWare's training specialists have years of experience instructing new users in the mechanics of operating all of the business telephone systems we provide. They have the technical knowledge to streamline integration, enhance workflow, and optimize your communications.

"Our training specialists know your system and the latest innovations better than anyone," says Graziadei. "We provide industry-leading instruction and ensure that all of your employees are comfortable with all aspects of the new system."

Customized Training

At TelWare, we understand that each client has different needs and requires specialized attention. After each new system installation, we schedule a training session for a time convenient for the client. These training sessions are usually held at the client's office, avoiding any travel costs. More importantly, these training sessions are taught on the actual equipment that will be used. This helps the employees get more comfortable with the new system than they would in a typical classroom setting.

During the training session, each employee receives customized reference materials and guides. These materials are used during the training so that the employee knows how to easily refer to to them when needed. This eliminates needless service calls in the future.

The training sessions themselves are designed to demonstrate all of your system's key features, while leading you through typical everyday processes. This hands-on instruction also uses simulated business activities to identify potential confusions and make any necessary changes to the system.

Common Training Topics

Below are a few of the common training topics that provide employees with a solid foundation of how the new business telephone system operates:

  • Quick Start
  • Core Telephony Features
  • Call Handling and Phone Features
  • Embedded Voicemail and Auto Attendant
  • Remote Worker and IP Telephony

To learn more about TelWare's customer training or any of our other business telephone system solutions, call Mike Canipe at 704-598-4700. We look forward to giving you the freedom to quickly adopt new technologies without the associated time delays and costs!

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