We wanted to follow up our recent post about mobile twinning with a case study showing this feature in action. We hope this provides you with a clear understanding of the valued offered by our business telephone systems and the features they provide.

Business Telephone Challenge

Our client, an accounting firm, came to us after experiencing extended periods of downtime, inefficient functionality, and several other problems. For a business consisting of 30 CPAs and support staff, effective communications were vital for delivering their client services, maximizing productivity, and increasing revenue.

This client needed a reliable business telephone system that could provide them with advanced features to increase productivity and ensure superior customer service.

“Reliability was an important consideration for this client,” says Mike Canipe with TelWare. “They had experienced significant downtime and wanted to ensure they never lost that much billable time again.”

“They also wanted a business telephone system that could adapt to the way they conducted their business,” Canipe added. “For them, a day consisted of client meetings, on-site visits, traveling, and various other activities that were not simply sitting at a desk.”

Our Business Telephone Solution

TelWare started by conducting an extensive analysis of the client’s needs. Then, onsite prep work was completed to ensure that the changeover to the new business telephone system would be seamless.

The solution provided for this client consisted of Avaya IP Office, VoiceMail Pro, Phone Manager Pro, Mobile Twinning, Softconsole, Avaya 5610 and 5420 digital phones, and a selection of wireless/Bluetooth headsets.

One of the client’s favorite features of the new business telephone system was the mobile twinning feature. With mobile twinning, they could use their mobile phones as an extension of their desk phones. This allowed them to reduce the amount of missed calls and communicate with their clients while on the go.

“Our clients were very pleased with the range of functionality this new business telephone system provided them,” said Canipe. “Now they had a dependable system with the advanced mobility features needed to increase productivity.”

Business Telephone Project Results

Below are a few other benefits our clients realized from their new business telephone system designed and installed by TelWare:

  • Increased productivity.
  • More billable time.
  • Increased system reliability.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Lower maintenance costs.

To learn more about how TelWare can help you design and implement your new business telephone system, please call Mike Canipe at 704-409-3136. We look forward to helping you transform the way your business communicates with customers, just like we did for this client and thousands of other satisfied clients!

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