Charlotte Business Phone System 704-598-4700Within any office setting, the phone ranks among one of the most frequently used tools. TelWare offers Charlotte business phone systems through flexible price quoting. This approach allows Charlotte businesses to save money by designing their own telephone network structure rather than buying a fixed-price package that includes unnecessary services.

Business telephones offer organizations access to improve multitasking, often encouraging higher production rates. The ability to real time video chat, conference, control calls, or overhead page compliments the flow and ease of communication.

“Through price quoting, multiple features can be consolidated into one business phone,” says Mike Canipe of TelWare. “Our flexible approach encourages Charlotte businesses to create their own customized packages, often allowing them to take advantage of services that they were not aware of."

Providing customized price quotes allows Charlotte companies to create a telephone package that benefits their unique office settings, markets, and customer relationships. In this era of rapidly evolving technology, utilizing TelWare’s service structure is a financially-friendly adaptation for success.

Charlotte Business Phone Pricing Features

Below are a few of the optional features Charlotte businesses can choose from when creating a price-quoted package:

  • Extension accommodation (4+ to 200)
  • Automated attendant (automatic answering and call routing)
  • Call center (advanced call routing and tracking)
  • Audio conferencing (for more than three parties)
  • Public announcement (overheard paging)
  • Call accounting (detailed tracking and reporting)
  • Unified messaging

TelWare’s flexible quoting policy puts more control in the company’s hands. The main goal is to provide organizations with the exact services they need at lower overhead costs. This product makes continual communication easy!

To learn more about TelWare’s Charlotte business phone system or to request a price quote, contact Mike Canipe at 704-598-4700. We look forward to helping your company save money while boosting connectivity!

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