Everyone can agree, training is one of the most important elements of implementing a new technology system. But, when I tell a new customer that a typical business phone training class runs an hour to an hour and a half, what I hear is, “It’s just a phone . . . how long can it take to learn how to use a phone?” “When it rings, I just pick it up, right?” “I really only need to be able to answer a call and make a call . . . it can’t be that complicated.” “I just need the basics.”

“It’s just a phone.” But is it? Today, phones are more than just two tin cans and a string. Gone are the simple answer, pick up and hold. Today’s phones are much more advanced and have hundreds more features than your grandparents’ rotary dial or even your mom’s big clunky push button secretary phone (remember those BIG flashing buttons?). And wouldn’t you expect it to be? Isn’t that one of the reasons you upgraded in the first place? Today’s phone is certainly more than just a telephone; it’s a communications tool. It’s the way your business presents itself to your customers. It’s the way you stay in touch and share information, whether sitting in an office or working in the field.

Business Phone Training

As one of the trainers at TelWare, it’s my job to make sure that you are receiving the most return on your business telephone system investment. It’s important that your staff is fully trained to use the tools that are being provided to them and are able to take advantage of all the features. Otherwise, it really is “just a phone." Knowing how to efficiently use this technology insures your customers and clients will be served better and faster, creating a great overall experience and repeat business.

While your office telephone system is being implemented, training can be conducted simultaneously. This allows all users to be fully trained before they go live on the new solution. It also allows for a true trainer to train your staff, not a technician. Technicians focus on installing, while the trainer focuses on training.

Hands-On Training on Live Systems

Our hands-on training allows each user to experience the communications tool up close and personal. How to transfer a call, how to record a voicemail greeting, how to “twin” a phone - these are all things that are taught on a live, working system. With hands-on training, your staff will become comfortable with the new system before they are placed into a real world environment - no boring PowerPoint presentations that put everyone to sleep!

By the end of the business phone training, everyone is laughing and saying how glad they are that they attended. They feel more comfortable with the transition and have a better understanding of how the new features will enhance their productivity.

Of course, we also know that an hour or more of hands-on training can be overwhelming. That's why we pride ourselves on sticking with you through the process. After training, we spend time in your office, observing how your employees use the new system, make suggestions on ways to improve the process and answer any questions that arise once you start using the new system in your own environment. You can feel confident that your employees will know how to effectively use your new business phone system and that you have maximized the benefits of your purchase.

For more information about how a new business telephone system can improve your communications, contact TelWare at 1-800-637-3148 or sales@telware.com. Be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for all the latest technology and telecommunications news!

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