Secure your Charlotte VoIP system. 800-637-3148The outstanding benefits and functionality of VoIP business phones continues to gain the attention of many Charlotte businesses. Cost-savings, improved productivity and collaboration are just a few advantages of upgrading from an expensive multi-line phone system.

But as a result of increased accessibility and popularity, many businesses now face serious security risks. Industry experts agree that the total global loss of income from VoIP fraud calculates to somewhere between 30 and 50 billion dollars each year. To avoid becoming part of that statistic you must first understand the most common types of threats to VoIP business phones.

"Consolidating your voice and data traffic is ideal for adding operational efficiency to your business," says Mike Canipe of TelWare. "But, due to more and more groups adopting this system, voice networks are now subject to viruses, attacks, and other threats to your network's integrity."

Common VoIP Security Threats

Below are some of the most common threats to VoIP security:

  • Unauthorized Access - Often times, malicious users can infiltrate your system through one of its many functions like voice telephony or call data and control. Once they have infiltrated your network, they can gain access to accounting records, billing information, external parties and more.
  • Toll Fraud - Digital switching technologies are access points phone hackers manipulate to exploit your information.
  • Eavesdropping - When left unsecured, voice conversations can be intercepted by unauthorized agents.
  • DDoS or DoS Attacks - These are some of the most malicious attempts to seriously attack or even crash your system's operation. These attacks most commonly come in the form of specially constructed packets, such as "emails," or "newsletters" for example, used to impose on a specific software's weaknesses once opened.

Best Security Practices for VoIP

Dangerous threats to your VoIP system demand best-practice security measures for the safety and longevity of your business. You can minimize the risk of attack by installing various devices, developing strategic security measures and then enforcing a standard of procedures that limit your system's exposure to attacks.

Below are some of the best security measures you can take to protect your VoIP business system:

  • Install a Good Anti-Virus System - With enormous amounts of increasingly sophisticated new viruses and worms being created routinely, each more destructive than the last, it goes without saying that your VoIP system should remain updated with the latest anti-virus software for basic security management.
  • Install State-of-the-Art Intrusion Detection System - These systems deliver focused detection and prevention services against current and emerging types of threats. We advise you take advantage of these systems for around-the-clock protection when you are not in the office.
  • Enforce Authentication and Authorizations - With strong authentication and authorization protocols in place, only designated employees have access to internal information. This decreases the likelihood of malicious users gaining access to your information.
  • Audit - Ensure your system is not jeopardized by reviewing activity of administrative and user sessions.
    Secure your Charlotte VoIP system. 800-637-3148

"Businesses taking advantage of proper security measures can safely enjoy reduced costs and improved productivity, while creating a flexible work environment," says Canipe of TelWare. "VoIP is becoming an essential tool for Charlotte businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage."

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