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In today's digital workspace, outsourcing data centers is a growing trend with many large- and medium-sized organizations embracing the operational and financial benefits that come with commercial solutions. As businesses grow, their data needs and requirements grow as well — and savy business owners are realizing that any in-house infrastructure investments they make today will become obsolete in a few years time.

With data-center solutions, organizations not only reduce the expenses associated with investing, upgrading and maintaining their own IT infrastructure, they enhance efficiency in operations. Here are other benefits companies obtain from data-center solutions:

Increased Speed of Delivery

It takes up to two years or more to build a new data center or upgrade an existing one. Data-center solutions offer an available inventory of power and space, as well as flexibility for expansion. Data-center solutions provide a platform that reduces your organization's time until occupancy significantly.

Risk Mitigation

If your organization faces a crisis such as a natural disaster and your data center is in-house, there is the potential for the double tragedy of losing both your data and other facilities in the headquarters. However, creating distance between the headquarters and its data-production center eliminates this risk. Today, many companies are using this strategy in data-risk management and end up saving a significant amount of time and money.

Outsourcing data centers have numerous benefits to your organization — no matter how you spin it.

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