Avaya IP PhonesTelWare would like to congratulate our partner in excellence, Avaya, for their recent recognition as one of the 100 most innovative companies in the world. Given their global portfolio of nearly 6,000 patents and their ability to stay ahead of the business collaboration and communications industry, it is no wonder Thomson Reuters has selected them. Avaya is a leading global provider of next-generation communication technology and a proud supplier of TelWare.

"Earning this designation is an honor for not only Avaya, but also TelWare," said Mike Canipe of TelWare. "This speaks volumes about our commitment to our clients. Having an innovative partner like Avaya helps us keep our clients' needs at the forefront of what we do."

This is the second year in a row Thomson Reuters has honored Avaya with this award. Notable first-time winners this year included Google, Lockheed Martin, Nike and Ford.

TelWare and Avaya: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

As the region's leading Asheville business telephone provider, TelWare has built a reputation for providing our clients with leading-edge voice, data and video solutions. Our commitment to service, product quality and customer satisfaction has really put our business on the map. Companies throughout the Carolinas look to TelWare for collaboration, communication and results.

5258690108_3da1f7bb85_b1In order to establish itself as a go-to source for business communications solutions, we use Avaya's communications products. Together, we are able to supply TelWare clients with the technology they need to improve productivity and decrease costs. Because those solutions are based on open solutions, customers can decide which service and product best fits their business. With Avaya's high-quality products, TelWare uses technology to open doors and create seamless and effective communication platforms that are sure to boost any work environment.

"We are committed to providing our customers with the best products, and we will settle for nothing less," said Canipe. "Having a partner like Avaya helps us deliver dependable, durable and cost-effective business solutions. When you're providing the best products at the best prices and addressing communications needs, you build trust. I think that is one reason why so many business chose TelWare."

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