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A few months ago, Avaya introduced the newest version of its business telephone system solution for small and mid-sized businesses, IP Office 8.1. This recent installment provides new mobility, management, and security features designed to help smaller businesses take advantage of the new trend of BYOD ("Bring Your Own Device") workplaces.

This recent BYOD trend is a result of businesses realizing that their employees need to be equipped to work efficiently at any given time or place. To achieve this, many businesses are allowing employees' personal tablets, laptops, and smartphones to be used for business purposes. According to a recent study by Forrester Research, 56% of small and mid-sized businesses allow their workers to use their own personal tablets for work, while 66% allow them to use their personal smartphones for work.

While this increased mobility allows employees to be more productive, it also presents problems with connectivity and security. Businesses must find a way to securely manage the use of portable devices by their employees. Avaya's latest release seeks to do just that!

"The new IP Office 8.1 provides Charlotte's small and mid-sized businesses with unified communication tools typically reserved for large companies," says Scott Clontz, Vice President of Operations with TelWare. "Smaller businesses now have the ability to increase their employees' productivity, deliver superior customer service, and reduce costs."

Below are a few of the new features IP Office 8.1 has to offer Charlotte business telephone system clients.

Improved Scalability

IP Office 8.1 can now support up to 1,000 users in a single location, a vast improvement from the 384 user support perviously offered. This updated version can also be operated across a maximum of 32 independent locations and in an assortment of IP, analog or digital end points.

"This improved scalability gives Charlotte's small and mid-sized companies a cost-effective way to manage more people on a network in one or multiple sites," says Clontz.

Avaya Flare
Avaya FlareĀ® Communicator

The new IP Office offers the Flare Communicator mobility application, previously only available to large enterprises. This application can be used on Apple iPads or Windows-based laptops and enables mobile access to advanced collaboration capabilities such as business-class calling, company directory search, and management of two simultaneous calls while mobile. On an iPad, the Flare Communicator lets users drag and drop available contacts into a spotlight, and launch instant messages, voice calls or emails by tapping the screen.

Enhanced Security Features

The newest version of IP Office adds protection against toll fraud, denial of service attacks, and other threats through the use of Avaya's Session Border Controller. This feature provides a firewall that monitors for possible intrusive attacks. It also provides encryption capabilities to protect communications between mobile users and the centralized IP application.

"The improved security features offered by IP Office 8.1 make protecting your business easier than ever," says Clontz.

Additional IP Office Features

  • Avaya Support Services
  • Pairing Capabilities with ERS 3500 Switches for Automated Network Setup
  • one-X MobileĀ® Preferred for IP Office Mobility App for iPhones

If you would like to learn more about Avaya IP Office 8.1 and how it can help your business operate more efficiently, call Scott Clontz with TelWare at 704-598-4700. We look forward to helping you take advantage of the communications tools available to ensure your business continues to grow!

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