Communication is the lifeline of business. A home business or an employee working at home needs that lifeline to keep fingers on the pulse of the business. In the past, this meant a phone system with two or more lines and extensions in every office. Today, the pulse beats through cell phones, tablets and PDAs. Leveraging the power of a business phone system gives the home business owner or the remote worker the ability to grow the business through technological innovation and improved customer relations. There are many advantages to such a phone system.


Work-at-home personnel no longer have to run back and forth between the home and office for important meetings. Instead of leaving the home to attend a meeting, home business owners and work-at-home folks can just dial in a code and be at the meeting. Reaching an associate working in the field is as easy as touching a couple numbers. Calling clients or customers to explain changes in business is a snap, even if the associate is not in the office or at home. Communication anytime anywhere is an essential component to keeping a business going and growing.


Home business owners and work-at-home personnel don’t always stay at the kitchen table or in the home office. There are doctor appointments to keep, kids to pick up from school, product to pick up, services to render and a host of other things that come up, sometimes without warning. If the home business includes adding new associates, then they can be added to the business communications system with no hiccups. The phone system keeps everyone’s fingers on the pulse of the business.

Cost Effectiveness

Still operating with landlines? Using cell phones when on the road? Home business owners and companies using work-at-home personnel will save a bundle on phone systems. Compare the one low cost of the business system to the other phone companies’ long distance charges, fees per unit and monthly charges. As the business grows, other innovations can be integrated with the existing system for less than a phone company’s charges for the same service.

Phone systems can attract clients and customers by their ease of use. Customer service at 100 percent will bring them back for more. Leveraging the power of modern business phones is smart business.

For more information about how a new business phone system can help your organization, contact TelWare at 1-800-637-3148 or TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video, data and unified communication solutions. TelWare is an Authorized Avaya, and Star2Star Dealer.

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