Call Reporting

One of the advantages of VoIP phone service is the fact that keeping up with information about your calls is easier than ever. There are a number of call reporting features you can use to help you better manage your communications. Here are just a few of the possibilities you can rely on.

Specific Tracking - Call reports can be as specific as you would like, and can even provide you with information on a particular extension or an entire department. This can be useful for specific metrics on users or groups, but can also extend to archiving inbound or outbound numbers, reviewing call flows through automated menus, and other valuable insights.

Agent Activity- You can also receive daily statistics for each agent in real time, making it easy to keep up with how efficient your call center is operating. Some of the information you may receive includes the number and type of calls each agent handles, transferred calls, calls placed on hold, calls sent to voicemail in addition to talk time and idle time.

Group Activity - Specialized group metrics provide the same types of reports as the agent activity, just applied to a group level. This is beneficial in seeing which groups maintain low queue times, answer and handle calls efficiently, and have the highest customer service levels.

Campaign Measurement - Often used to measure the effectiveness of predictive dialer campaigns, which involves the automatic dialing of telephone numbers that are then connected to live agents. Campaign measurement tools can gauge cost and effectiveness, among other things.

Statistics - Call reporting can give you real-time information on things such as the number of calls in the queue, average wait time, number of agents that are available and percentage of abandoned or dropped calls.

Service Level - Learn how well you are performing by measuring your call statistics against established criteria such as wait time, queue size, answer vs abandoned calls, etc. Not only do these reports provide you with a wealth of information, but they are also easy to read and download. You also have the ability to export many reports to a PDF file, Excel spreadsheet or to email them. Keeping up with these reports will help your business operate more efficiently, saving you both time and money.

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