You just sat down with your IT staff-of-two and were told it was time to initiate a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan.

While you could appreciate the timeliness of the advice---you just ‘lost’ a number of critical files---you questioned if your present backup media was the problem and needed reviewing: flash drives, DVDs, and tapes.

Today, more companies are developing a DR strategy to ensure a quick. One of the reasons for this evolving trend is the ‘buy-in’ to such a strategy from stakeholders, including the C-level suite.

Risk Assessment

Consequently, large and small, businesses should consider implementing a Risk Assessment (RA) procedure to identify all of the applications and programs delivering “critical business activities” (IT often refers to this process as a ‘Business Impact’ analysis).

One the RA has been completed, the next step is to agree on “recovery time objectives.” Often, this phase will be the responsibility of the Incident Manager, who must determine how critical the situation is. Then, the next phase should involve the Emergency Management team (includes ‘non-tech’ staff), Disaster Recovery and a plan to maintain Business Continuity.

Document Your Plan

The final plan should be documented with notes about where people should be stationed as well as decision-maker contact information.

Most importantly, the plan should assign specific roles for team members; also, who would have the go-ahead to spend if equipment needs replacement. What’s more, everyone should be on board with one another’s range of authority throughout the recovery process.

All the network infrastructure should be identified along with overviews on programs and applications. In addition, the plan should include a list of service providers and their level of agreements, suppliers as well as contract information.

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