An IP phone system is a technology that enables its users to make calls via a broadband Internet connection instead of the analog lines used with traditional PBX phone systems. IP phones work by taking sound and converting it into digital voice communication and then passing it through broadband Internet. Therefore, when using this type of phone system, you are really just making your calls through the Internet. There are many benefits to using IP phone systems in business.

Cost savings

The biggest advantage of an IP phone system is your potential cost savings. When you get away from the public switched telephone network (PSTN), your long-distance calls become more affordable. Rather than being transferred across traditional commercial telecommunications line configuration, voice communication travels over private data network lines or on the Internet. For corporations, IP phone systems reduce costs for lines, equipment, maintenance and manpower. All the company's data and voice traffic is integrated into a single physical network which eliminates the need for individual PBX tie lines. Although there is a substantial initial installation setup cost, the net savings are significant and are a result of having to manage only one network rather than using a legacy telephony system.

Increased Mobility and Flexibility

An IP phone system does a lot more than just lower costs and increase savings. It also allows users to integrate software programs like e-fax, email and use remote conferencing via the phone over the Internet. Users are able to talk to anyone over the phone while having the ability to access other applications like the Internet simultaneously. IP phone users are able to bring their adapters anywhere they are which makes it possible to have phone conversations anywhere there is Internet connection. This increased mobility helps people who are constantly on the go, particularly corporate employees who are required to travel a lot.


Besides being able to make calls, users can also use their IP phone system to conduct video conferencing calls. This enables them to stay in touch with their clients and co-workers to discuss important meetings, affairs, deals, documents, files, agendas and more no matter where they are. Even if they are out of the country, they still have the ability to attend meetings without having to be physically present.

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