Having mobile flexibility is essential to productivity and efficiency in today’s mobile world. With the number of employees working remotely ever increasing, the need to expand mobility is prevalent. Employees need to have access to the company network at home, and this includes the company phone system. With TelWare’s technology, you can expand your company’s geographic footprint and proceed towards a more productive and mobile future.


If you’ve ever spent an afternoon playing “phone tag” you know how frustrating it can be. Just missing each other’s calls, leaving messages on cells phones and office phones, and waiting for calls to be returned can test your patience! In addition to painting a picture of inefficiency, this back-and-forth can also have a negative impact on your business. TelWare understands the importance of mobile accessibility in today’s business world. We’ll develop a suitable strategy for integrating mobile devices into your phone system.

With the mobile applications and twinning features that come standard with TelWare phone systems, employees can be reachable from their office phone number from any location at any time. Both mobility solutions, mean your desk and cell phone will ring simultaneously, allowing you to answer regardless of whether you are in office or out of office. Incoming calls can be answered from either device. Mobile twinning allows you to “twin” your mobile phone to your desk phone.

When you call out using one of our mobile app solutions, you have the same features (and sometimes more) as your desk phone such as transferring, 3-way calling, chat, voicemail access, etc. The app uses your office caller ID so that your mobile number can be kept private when making outbound calls on the go. TelWare has clients that do not have office phones, and exclusively use the mobile applications and features, for those that are truly mobile businesses.

“The ability to be reachable at any location – your office, home, or traveling – on just one number is an incredible thing,” said Mike Canipe with TelWare. “In today’s workplace, sometimes you need to be available 24/7, and mobile twinning accommodates that perfectly.