Why would a telecom company have a merchant-processing product? It’s actually pretty simple. During installations of IP phone systems, we found that some of the older merchant-processing equipment didn’t work reliably, or not at all in some cases, with the newer IP technology.

Debit card swiping on card-reader device.jpeg

The easiest solution was to have the client contact a merchant vendor to get the updated equipment, usually at no charge. Then one day a busy executive asked if we could handle the changeover for them. After saving them around 20 percent in processing fees and getting the new terminals at no charge, word spread — and here we are.

TelWare collaborates with industry leaders depending on the specifics of your business and who’s the best fit. We leverage our relationships to provide you with the best solution for your needs. Outside of typical fee reductions, we are also able to help customers mitigate excessive charge-back issues and navigate the maze of PCI compliance.