A managed network is a communication network that is built, operated, secured and managed by a third-party service provider. Managed network support with TelWare allows us to act as an additional resource for infrastructure management. This allows a predictable cost assessment to maintain vital components while on staff IT support can focus on more strategic deployments. This service is delivered as a cloud infrastructure service, allowing a company to source the software, infrastructure, and technical support services necessary for an IP-based communication network. The entire system is monitored and maintained by the service provider.


Woman Managing Network

In recent years, many factors have contributed to a growing need for managed network services. The benefits of having a managed network are undeniable, and include faster access, better reliability, enhanced security, and longer availability. With a managed switch, you can choose the optimal parameters for your network ports instead of using automatic settings. It is also possible to support ring redundancy.

Having managed network services with TelWare will significantly reduce your operational and flatten maintenance costs. Costs will be more predictable and you will have easily-accessible support for any issues that you may be having. It will seem as if you have a full in-house IT staff without the costs of full-time employees and an IT department. Your network will be more organized and consistent. Let TelWare manage your business’ network.


  • Minimizing network downtime — faster performance fewer glitches, and no issues with downtime and data recovery
  • Cutting operational expenses — avoid expensive repairs and recovery costs
  • Increased security — no more worrying about your businesses data threats
  • Increased support — feel like you have an in-house it department without the costs