Xima Web Chat: A New Avaya IP Office Contact-Center Solution

Date posted: 5/1/18, 11:45 AM

Lady typing on laptop with messaging icons.jpgFor those enterprises who enjoy Avaya’s IP Office contact-center solutions, external web chat is now available from Xima Software, an Avaya DevConnect Innovation Award recipient. The new external web-chat offering allows contact centers to utilize varied methods of communication, thus significantly boosting customer satisfaction.

Xima Software designed Chronicall, a groundbreaking suite dedicated to call history, call recording and real-time reporting. Created specifically for Avaya IP Office, Chronicall has been highly successful in providing call-reporting solutions for a wide variety of industries.

Control Over Web-Chat Routing and Reporting

IP Office's Chronicall now allows contact-center supervisors to strategically route web chats to agents with a specific skill set or ability level, ensuring positive outcomes. Or, if preferred, supervisors can route web chats based on agent availability to decrease customer wait times. When call and web-chat volumes are excessively high, supervisors can choose to place voice and web-chat agents into the same group to complete multiple tasks simultaneously. Ready-to-use web-chat answers to common customer questions or scenarios are also available to increase the rate of response and reduce worker fatigue. Most importantly, detailed real-time web-chat reporting will help your business analyze agent effectiveness and identify future training needs.

Web-Chat Interface Customization

The interface of your web chat is fully customizable to complement your existing website and company brand, ensuring continuity in design. You can even import an agent image to increase the level of personalization.

In today’s world, customers expect businesses to respond to their questions quickly via their preferred method of communication. And Xima’s web-chat feature on Avaya IP Office is rising to the occasion.

To learn more about external web chats or other Avaya IP Office contact-center solutions, contact us at 1-800-637-3148 or sales@telware.com. TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video, and data solutions.


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