Why Your Business Should Take Note of SMS Trends

Date posted: 10/16/19, 10:59 AM

How people are choosing to communicate is changing—and businesses better pay attention.

Even though the number of cell phones sold has not gone up significantly in recent years, we are sending more text messages than ever—which indicates our communication preferences have evolved. In fact, the number of texts Americans send per day has increased by 23 percent since 2016 and a whopping 216 percent since 2010. Considering that the first phone-to-phone text was sent in 1994, that’s an astonishing growth rate!1

Enterprises should particularly be aware that 90 percent of people would prefer a text over a phone call from a business, and 89 percent would like to text a business when reaching out for customer service. With millennials, text messaging is the top form of business communication.1

Clearly, establishments need to offer SMS texting as a form of client-business communication, as well as an office-staff communication method, to stay on top of current trends.

Communicating the Client’s Way with GenVoxgenvoxmultipledevices.png

For those businesses interested in staying ahead of their competition, TelWare offers a hosted phone system called GenVox that enables efficient business SMS and chat communication.

Using GenVox Mobile, your staff members can use their business phone number instead of their personal number to send and receive text messages, regardless if they are in or out of the office. With just a few clicks on the device of your choice, you can send out the following types of helpful notifications:

  • meeting reminders,
  • appointment scheduling,
  • customer-satisfaction surveys,
  • event invitations,
  • reengagement with past clients,
  • links to training videos to staff members,
  • applicable how-to videos to answer client questions about specific products or services,
  • updates on when a service will be completed or when a technician will arrive,
  • shipping notices,
  • promotions applicable to specific client bases,
  • payments received or due,
  • and many other applicable notifications.

Business Texting for Call Centers

If you’d like to add SMS business communication to your Call Center, GenVox also makes that possible. (Hmm . . . Should “call centers” now become “communication centers” if they are to be aptly named in the future?) And to help your staff handle the influx of incoming communication, GenVox can direct texts to the next available agent—similar to how a phone call would be routed in a queue. As a result of adding business texting, your clients will appreciate receiving timely responses via their preferred communication method.

If You Text It, They Will Come

genvox_inbox.pngOf course, clients should have agreed to receive business texting from your business—usually, because they value your services or products or have initiated a relationship with your company. Luckily, establishing this kind of relationship is not a problem if your services or products are such that your customers will reach out to you first. For example, when TelWare added SMS to our main line, we were surprised to see how many people texted us without any targeted marketing campaign on our part. They needed our services to fix an office telecommunications problem or to boost their business’s customer service, and SMS or chat was simply their favorite method of asking questions about what kind of help we provide. Once that contact was initiated, business texting could then be utilized to develop a close and memorable relationship with useful and desirable notifications.

Closing the Loop Between Personal and Work Communication

Most Americans send and receive over 650 text messages per week or about ninety-four messages per day. That’s a lot of messages.1 Consequently, it’s not shocking that such a quick and efficient form of communication dominating our everyday lives is now seeping into the business world as well. After all, even the shyest potential customer in the world has no problem reaching out to a company via text, since it’s familiar and comfortable—and makes the client feel in control of the ensuing conversation.

Business texting is undoubtedly here to stay, and companies will need to jump on board to catch up to consumer preference.

If you’d like to stay up to date with business texting or learn more about all GenVox has to offer, contact TelWare at 800-637-3148 or Sales@telware.com. (If you'd like, text us!) GenVox is an all-in-one cloud-based unified-communications-as-a-service solution that allows you to take your business anywhere at any time with seamless phone integration.

  1. https://www.textrequest.com/blog/texting-statistics-answer-questions/


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