TelWare Releases TelWear: Phone-Focused Fashion

Date posted: 4/1/19, 2:20 PM

TelWare Corporation has been working hard on a secret project lately. You may know TelWare Corporation to be the business phone-focused company it has been for the past thirty-five years, but did you know we are breaking into the fashion industry?! As we continue to grow as a company, we look for new opportunities and created a great use for our warehouse of phone products! Introducing our new collection of phone-focused fashion, TelWear. With this new line, we've incorporated phone-inspired clothing into everyday attire. Discover the TelWear collection below!

Cat-ty 5:

Our Cat-ty 5 line is focused on repurposed Cat-5 cables. These cables have been turned into high-fashion accessories for those seeking an edgier look to their everyday clothing. Adding a Cat-ty 5 accessories to your hair or clothing will instantly make you the life of the party! Meow!

 Pretty girls with phone fashion.jpg

A few of our favorites from the Cat-ty 5 product line include Cat-ty 5 Hair Xtensions, Cat-ty 5 Shawl, and Cat-ty 5 Bossy Boutonnière. 

Party Line:

Communicate Through Fashion. You'll be the talk of the town with these new Party Line phone purses. Yes, we have phone purses that integrate with our cloud business phone systems!! Phones aren't just for calling anymore; carry your phone and make a statement.

 Beatiful girls with a phone.jpg

Pictured above is our Bossy Party Line in Silver and Casual Party Line in Pink.

Analog Line:

Our Analog Line incorporates the phones of yesteryear with the fashion of today. Don't get tangled up looking for your tiny cell phone and wondering where you left it. Combine fashion and function this season with one of our many Analog Line products!

 Analog Phones.jpg

Buy your products today at our online store!



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