TelWare Introduces HDMeet Video Conferencing Service

Date posted: 12/7/20, 3:28 PM
Sumner Robinson - Chief Technical Officer

TelWare Introduces HDMeet Video Conferencing Service - Early Access and Free Right Now for Everyone

HDMeet_Header-Image.jpgThe world has changed dramatically in the last 10 months. The way we live our lives and the way we work are experiencing significant challenges that have placed stress on each and every one of us. These challenges, however, have also brought opportunities – opportunities to reimagine business models, re-think education methods, and re-examine technologies that may not have been a good fit for everyday life before now. This new paradigm shift, which is based on distancing from one another, has necessitated the desire to be “together”, even when we are forced to be apart. For many of us, video technologies have filled that need in both our work and personal lives. And while video conferencing certainly isn’t new, it is a perfect example of how technologies are adapting for use cases. While simple yet high-quality stand-alone video conferencing was always on our roadmap as a key ingredient in our Unified Communications solution, the current situation hastened our development and strengthened our resolve to get a reliable product to customers sooner than later. The development team at TelWare, therefore, made the difficult decision to launch its video conferencing offering slightly before all of the intended features were fully baked. The good news? Even in its beta form, it’s an awesome product! And it’s a perfect solution for the current need.

What are we so excited to share? We’re talking about the early access release of our new, stand-alone video conferencing platform, HDMeet. We felt that getting HDMeet out to our existing customers - and frankly, to as many people as we can – is an important, necessary step in connecting people to their friends and family through and beyond this holiday season. Sure, it is primarily intended as a business tool, but its simplicity and cross-platform capability also make it a perfect personal tool that even Grandma can use.

We formally released HDMeet to the public just before Thanksgiving, with the hope people would use it to be “together” for the holidays. The service, application and current features, including conferencing with up to 50 participants, are entirely free as long as the new normal is normal. As new features are added in future releases, we will evaluate and communicate free versus premium pricing options, with the goal to keep the product a powerful and accessible tool for personal communication. That means you can go to, create or schedule a meeting, add/invite participants, and be video conferencing within seconds.

Meetings are incredibly secure, reliable, and high-quality in both audio and video. HDMeet runs in Chrome or any Chromium-Smart Rooms.jpgbased browser, as well as within dedicated apps for IOS and Android. Video meetings are secured with a “lobby feature”, which keeps unwanted, uninvited participants from entering your meeting. Other features in this release include screen sharing, chat functionality, closed captioning (subtitles), YouTube Live Streaming, and much more. Since this is currently an early release to the public, we are not offering support at this time, but we are looking for feedback so we can improve the product quickly.

So don’t wait, be “together” now. Go to to set up your first video conference with your team, your family, or your virtual happy hour today.


Click here to learn more about HDMeet.  For additional information, please contact TelWare Corporation at 1.800.637.3148 or email us at TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video, data, and unified communications solutions.


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