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Date posted: 3/11/20, 3:26 PM
Jazmin Siancas

Recently, many companies are assessing the possibility of remote work. Business leaders are putting in place preliminary steps to ensure business processes and customer-service platforms are not interrupted. As always, TelWare is ready to support your business in making any necessary adjustments to keep your business operational in the face of viral outbreaks, natural disasters, and other unpredictable events.

The CDC has recently updated its interim guidance and recommended strategies for businesses to follow in the midst of the current viral outbreak: “For employees who are able to telework, supervisors should encourage employees to telework instead of coming into the workplace until symptoms are completely resolved. Ensure that you have the information technology and infrastructure needed to support multiple employees who may be able to work from home.” ¹

Unfortunately, having the proper tools and resources to allow employees to work remotely presents a challenge for many businesses. As a business enters the evaluation process of making remote work possible, finding a solution that is both effective and affordable is crucial. Remote workers will need to be equipped with the latest technological tools to centralize collaboration while serving customer needs. 

That's where TelWare can help.

Whether you are a small business or enterprise, TelWare's OneCloud technology provides smart solutions for working remotely. The OneCloud suite is a reliable and flexible unified communications system that will optimize and streamline both on-site and off-site workflows. The OneCloud platform broadens long-distance communication in particular with the following robust features: 

  • onecloud-app-contacts_.jpgMobility Applications: Are you a business owner with a mobile fleet of employees, or are you considering going remote?  Having a mobile feature on connected devices makes telecommunication much easier. Access your office extension via mobile applications, computer software, or a browser-based interface. With mobile apps, you are no longer tied to the office desk. 
  • Video Conferencing: Businesses that normally meet with clients do not have to put their meetings on hold; as an alternative, try video-conferencing technology. Remote workers will also benefit from video conferencing as they will be able to connect and collaborate with colleagues with no disruption, thus increasing productivity. Web real-time communication (WebRTC) makes it possible. Gone are the days of downloading bloatware on your PC; with OneCloud, attendees can join a conference with the click of a button!
  • Internal Chat & Collaboration: Team communication is indispensable and valuable to remote workers. OneCloud streamlines strengthen, and simplifies team collaboration. Internal chat delivers rapid communication amongst internal and external groups.
  • SMS/Messaging: Never miss an opportunity to connect with a client. At no extra cost, you can send and receive text messages on the fly regardless of location. All without a third-party system, OneCloud instant messaging with push notifications allows team members to reply faster and take a proactive responsive approach. 
  • Integrations: OneCloud’s platform connects a wide range of applications, integrating powerful functionalities from CRMs, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and others. These integrations streamline workflows and increase team productivity.
  • Multidevice: The OneCloud mobile app makes it easy for remote users to maintain the same identity regardless of what device they are using. Send an ongoing call from one device to another with ease. Grant users the ability to manage contacts, voicemails, and call history from a single location.
  • Call Center & Auto-Attendant Capabilities: If your business is implementing a remote-work policy, you can plan to automatically route calls to other locations or to employee cell phones. Keeping auto attendants operational in the cloud allows TelWare to make changes remotely on the fly as needed, so your inbound calls are not ignored and still processed by the system. From call queuing to call recording to call reporting, we've got you covered. Your call-center representatives self-assess via call recordings. OneCloud uses comprehensive real-time and historical reporting to support your business goals.
  • Flexibility: OneCloud seamlessly supports communication anytime, anywhere, on any device. We deploy unified communications as a service over your internet connection. Improve communication and professional representation when you connect remotely with clients and customers.

Natural disasters, power outages, and the emergence of a virus outbreak do pose a direct threat to your business, but company leaders can maintain control by developing a proactive approach. Create an emergency business plan that includes necessary steps, including the technological tools you may need. With OneCloud, businesses can be assured that collaboration and communication will continue as usual, and most importantly, staff will stay safe.

For more information about how OneCloud can help your company manage remote employees, and keep your business running, contact TelWare at 800-637-3148. OneCloud is an all-in-one cloud-based unified-communications-as-a-service solution that allows you to take your business anywhere at any time with seamless cloud integrations.


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