New Features Available in 3CX V16 Release

Date posted: 6/22/19, 3:22 PM

Our 3CX customers will be excited to read about the brand-new features available in the V16 release of 3CX. As usual, TelWare has been testing the beta version internally prior to release, ensuring the best possible consumer experience. Now that the new update has been implemented, we are thrilled to inform you of the latest highlights of 3CX Version 16!

We Based Softphone.jpg3CX Live Chat and Talk on Your Company Website

You can use the recently developed 3CX Live Chat and Talk feature to chat with customers and coworkers anywhere you go, thus increasing accessibility and customer service. Enterprises that use WordPress to run their website’s back end now have it easier than ever. Simply install the WordPress plug-in and you’re ready for business. Of course, website owners who don’t use WordPress are still able to use this element by quickly adding the needed HTML. To learn more about the Live Chat and Talk features, follow the link


Management Console Improvement

As technicians, we found that one of the biggest issues with the previous version was the difficulty of changing and rearranging BLF (busy lamp field) keys, which indicate an extension’s activity type. Now, 3CX offers drag-and-drop BLF reordering, making configurations easier and quicker. Our efforts have been simplified, and the time spent on this task has been cut down dramatically.

V16 is also adding a “Copy Extension” function. You can quickly create a new extension by selecting an existing extension to copy.

Web Meeting Dial-In Integration

The 3CX web client and audio-conferencing are now integrated, saving people without computer speakers' time and trouble. This feature enables you to set up dial-in numbers from your PBX conferencing settings and continue a meeting with perfectly integrated sound. See the following link for details:

Web Meeting Whiteboard

The revamped “Whiteboard” function enables much more smooth, precise, and pressure-sensitive strokes with the built-in drawing tools. This feature can be enjoyed by 3CX WebMeeting users on touchscreens, drawing pads, and tablets. Also, highlighting elements on hover, like the participants’ panel, offers a more intuitive experience for all users.

Current 3CX V16 Integrations

3CX v16 is adding integrations with the popular Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB databases.

How do I get V16?

There’s no need to worry that updating to the sixteenth version will consume your time. TelWare will make the upgrade for you, so you can maintain your regular workflow!


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