New 3CX Client Updates for iOS and Android

Date posted: 6/6/18, 1:25 PM

Reliability. Mobility. Speed. These qualities make 3CX's iOS and Android VoIP clients the best mobile solutions available.

3CX mobile-phone clients undergo frequent testing, followed by robust updates, to ensure top-notch user experience. Here is what you can expect from the most recent updates for both iOS and Android phones.


In the latest update for the iOS client, when a call is answered on a desk phone or another device besides your mobile 3cx_mobile_phone_client_tiny.pngphone, the iOS app now ends the PUSH notification on an incoming call much more quickly. Why is PUSH technology a wonderful feature of your 3CX mobile client? PUSH technology wakes up your phone when an incoming call comes through, so the user doesn’t have to keep the phone “awake” to be able to receive calls. Essentially, PUSH technology saves the life of your mobile phone’s battery so you can work longer without having to stop and recharge.

The latest update also improves Bluetooth CallKit integration with third-party music players, such as Spotify, for your listening enjoyment.

In addition to fixing any bugs, a “no ringtone” audio option is now available with the 3CX update.



PUSH notifications of incoming calls and chat messages will also occur with greater speed on 3CX's Android mobile client due to the utilization of Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging, or FCM. FCM replaces the retired Google Cloud Messaging or GCM.

The latest update also includes improvements to the Android user experience, such as enhanced app logging, audio routing, and device-switching timing.

3CX is working hard to continually provide a superior mobile experience, so you can work effectively no matter where you are. Do you want to use your office extension anywhere? Enjoy a longer-lasting cellphone battery life? Eliminate firewall problems with an inbuilt tunnel? View staff presence or post your own status while on the go? Whether you have a small, medium, or large business, 3CX mobile clients deliver the freedom to work efficiently anywhere, anytime.

For more information about the 3CX mobile-phone VoIP client or the latest updates, please contact us at 1-800-637-3148 or TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video, and data solutions.

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