This Isn't the 1980s: Benefits of Internet Fax Solutions

Date posted: 7/19/18, 11:59 AM

Everyone has experienced sending and receiving a fax. We all know the drill: find the nearest machine, bring your documents, scan them in, and wait. You can hear the familiar buzz already, right? But what happens when you’re out of the office, on vacation, or the fax machine is on the fritz? Important documents can’t wait for these issues to be resolved. Instead of relying on old 1980s technology, switch to one of TelWare’s internet-fax solutions. Our e-fax and hosted-fax platforms use the internet to send a fax, instead of unreliable analog lines. TelWare provides e-fax and hosted fax options for all of our customers to make the switch from the fax machine to an online solution.


Benefits of Switching to E-fax

There are many reasons to make the trade from your old machine, but the top four are as follows:

  • No fax machine required – Don’t let that clunky eyesore of a machine take up room in the office break area. Save space and stay up to date on technology while keeping the office clean and organized.
  • Budget-friendly – Switching to e-fax can help lower overall costs for the office. No physical hardware means e-fax is much cheaper than using a traditional fax machine—and there’s no need to spend money on maintenance upkeep.
  • Gain reassurance – Don’t spend your day worrying if your fax made it to its destination. E-fax notifies you when a fax successfully sends, so you’re always in the know.
  • Eco-friendly – Cut out the paper trail and be more eco-friendly by eliminating the use of hard-copy faxes to and from the office. E-fax sends and receives your documents without using paper, helping the environment, and the office budget.

Why E-fax Has Greater Ease of Use Business man hitting fax with a bat.jpg

E-fax provides a wide range of uses that are intuitive. It’s as easy as sending an email. Employees can take care of documents anytime, anywhere. Not in the office? No problem. Send faxes from any place in the world at your convenience using reliable online service. E-fax features are not limited to just the computer. You can send and receive faxes from phones, tablets, etc.


Hosted Fax


If getting rid of your fax machine completely seems like too drastic of a change, no worries! Hosted fax is the happy medium between your traditional analog-line fax machine and going completely paperless. Hosted fax uses the internet instead of analog phone lines to transfer data back and forth for faxing purposes. As a more cost-friendly version, hosted fax for your business is just twenty-five dollars a month and can help add speed and reliability to your twenty-first-century business. Instead of paying for a bundled service of products you no longer use, you only pay for what you need and leave out the excess fees. The ease of installation for this product is perfect for businesses who like the way their multifunctional fax machine currently runs. We simply adjust your machine to run on more reliable internet service, but all the functions stay the same. Employees can still work and use their machines the same as before—but with the perks of an upgrade.

To learn more about e-fax and hosted-fax solutions, contact TelWare at 1-800-637-3148 or TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video, and data solutions.


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