Dealing with the Monsters of Technology

Date posted: 10/21/19, 2:05 PM
Sara Minerva

As days grow longer and the trees begin to change their color, we gather during the season of the witch to hear of frightening tales. Bones begin to rattle as the supernatural swirls around us during the Halloween season. Most of us love the thrills of hayrides, leering pumpkins, and haunted houses—as long as we still are able to return to our proper habitations after the fun ends. Watching a terrifying, toothy “creature feature” on the big screen is par for the course.

Fantasy and horror are wonderful for entertainment as the weather turns chilly, and ethereal B movies can be enjoyed for a short time. Yet, in the reality of business and technology, monsters are never harmless. So, in keeping with the theme of the autumn creepy-crawly season, here are four monstrosities that could be hurting your business.

Dracula.jpgCount Dracula

Failing to digitize and update outdated processes drain the lifeblood of your organization. Those once thriving departments are now pale and anemic corpses. Assessing your company’s current processes may not be easy, but it will keep your business from being in the red. Your employees have a stake in keeping up to date with better solutions for common frustrations. Missing databases, obsolete communication, and lack of automation in time-consuming administrative tasks all take a “byte” out of your bottom line. Discover your company’s nightmare scenario by examining your existing workflow.


Frankenstein’s Monster

Frankenstein.jpgA very little-known fact is Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” monster never had a proper name. Similarly, inconsistent naming conventions in your network can cause confusion and chaos. A patchwork of old naming schemes from engineers who are no longer employed creates a virtual monstrosity. As your company grows, keeping incongruent and obscure naming conventions becomes unwieldy. Having a scalable environment helps future “eaque creaturas” from seeking revenge on the masses. Friends do not let servers become hideous.



Zombie.jpgThe Zombie

True to the nature of the undead, we may be infected without knowing it. Believing they are inoculated from the onslaught of the outside world, companies fail to innovate. Complacency and apathy begin in the smallest pockets of the corridors. As a result, the smell of decay settles in and rots an organization from the inside out. Coworkers attack each other, and the competition gobbles up your profits. Rather than hide away in shelters, arm your team with survival skills and proper boundaries.


The Werewolf

Werewolf.jpgIn the tech world, we all have encountered the “lone wolf” developer or coworker. Similar to the furry-faced canine, these creatures morph from nice guys to primal brutes. Alpha/lone-wolf behavior hurts collaboration and initiatives to the business as a whole. From the boardroom to the mailroom, communication is essential to healthy team vibrancy. Successful businesses depend on teamwork, sharing of ideas, and cooperation. Lean and agile teams work best with transparency. Begin to adapt a system that works best with your team to avoid this lone-wolf rascal from attacking your jugular.



In conclusion, our businesses are all living, breathing entities that need our attention. Cultivating success is a matter of hard work and dedication. Black cats and spells might work for the interim, but nothing beats developing an actionable plan for productivity. For more information about how TelWare can raise your business from the dead with the latest telecommunications technology, contact us at 800-637-3148 or TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video, data, and unified communications solutions.



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