Avaya IP Office R11.0 Upgrades: A Welcome Evolution

Date posted: 5/16/18, 10:37 AM

Fans of Avaya IP Office have been eagerly awaiting the curtain reveal of the new IP Office R11.0, and they won’t be disappointed.

With the new upgrade, IP Office users will enjoy expanded collaboration capabilities, heightened ease of use, and increased security — regardless of whether they prefer premises-based or cloud-delivered deployments.

Expanded Collaboration and Communication

  • Avaya Equinox Client

With the R11.0 upgrade, the Avaya Equinox client will be supported on IP Office as a softphone; essentially, users will be able to enjoy audio and video calling even if they don’t have desk-phone control. Zang Spaces will furnish instant messaging, and users can choose optional subscriptions to Avaya Equinox Meetings Online if they desire audio, video, and web conferencing with multiple participants.

  • Media Manager

Media Manager (Phase 2) is the premiere recording and archiving solution available with R11.0. As a result of the upgrade, the Media Manager will implement the migration of Contact Recorder data and provide improved search capabilities for users and administrators.

  • IP Office Web Client

The exciting WebRTC-based IP Office web client provides audio, video, instant messaging, and presence services in a Chrome-browser environment (Windows or MacOS) or as a stand-alone Windows client.

Heightened Ease of Use

  • Installation Wizard

IP Office R11.0 will greatly simplify installation and administration tasks by making these processes quicker and more intuitive with a new installation wizard. First-day deployments and second-day system-configuration revisions will be a breeze.

  • Cloud Operations Manager

The Cloud Operations Manager (COM) is a portal that will allow management of up to 3,000 IP Office nodes and 1,000 customers; the management portal specifically accompanies cloud deployments, as well as Server Edition and IP Office Select deployments.

  • j100_hero_572x340.jpgSupport for Vantage and J100-Series Phones

The R11.0 upgrade also contains support for the Vantage Basic software client — now that the new glass-screened Avaya Vantage Device has been making a big splash in midmarket enterprises. Or if you prefer the newly released J169 or J179 IP phones designed for everyday communications, the R11.0 upgrade will provide support for these devices as well.

  • Flexibility

With Avaya, businesses have the flexibility of starting with a premises-based solution, then moving to the cloud, or they may begin in the cloud while still maintaining resiliency on-premises. In addition, users who prefer analog-line appearances may now utilize SIP trunks and program-line appearance buttons on their phones. As a result, small enterprises can move from the Basic Edition to SIP-trunked systems while maintaining their familiar practices.

Avaya also provides another convenient option; if you need to expand your system but you’re not ready to upgrade to R11.0, Avaya will still support aftermarket licensing.

Increased Dependability

  • WebTRC Gateway Enhancements

IP Office ensures constant dependability and secure communication with automatic backups and security enhancements. R11.0 introduces WebRTC Gateway resiliency via IP Office Select, boosting levels of high availability (HA).

* Note that not all features in R11.0 are supported on all editions, platforms, and phones; please ask for details.

If you would like TelWare to help your business upgrade to Avaya IP Office R11.0, please contact TelWare at 1-800-637-3148 or sales@telware.comTelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video, and data solutions.


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