The Avaya B109: Big Offerings in a Small ´╗┐Conference Phone

Date posted: 2/6/19, 11:34 AM

As a leader in telecommunications technology, Avaya is constantly releasing new products to improve your communication. From one-to-one communication to large group settings, Avaya has a product to help you maximize your time and effort—and conference phones are no different. Avaya conference phones ensure the highest call quality and most approachable and appealing products for every type of user. Considering Avaya's history of success, it's not surprising that Avaya's newest conferencing device, the B109, surpasses consumer expectations by delivering a uniquely small speakerphone with big capabilities.


avaya_b109.jpgIntroducing the Avaya B109:

This innovative new model is astonishingly compact and portableand fits easily inside your bag, purse, or briefcase for trips out of the office! The Avaya B109 is a Bluetooth-speaker device designed for on-the-go businesses. At less than six inches in width, the Avaya B109 is one of the smallest conferencing devices on the market. Don’t let the size fool you, though! Thanks to Omnisound® technology, this device has crystal-clear HD audio. This is ideal for presenting a professional front while gathering a few colleagues in a huddle room or creating a conference while traveling. Any private space is now your conference room, and you can always have a top-notch audio experience regardless of location.


The Avaya B109 is designed to work with almost any system. Connect to your cell phone, laptop, or tablet for superior mobile productivity and connectivity. You won't need to worry about whether your device is wired or wireless; the B109 conveniently comes with both Bluetooth-pairing capabilities and a micro USB plug-in. For a more private conferencing experience, it offers a 3.5-millimeter headset port. 

Time spent away from the office is not a problem. This rechargeable-battery-powered conference tool can maintain up to sixty hours of standby time or twelve hours of call time!


avaya_b109_small.jpgAlthough this Red Dot award winner is small, it doesn’t fall short on quality. Complete with a clear LCD screen, touchscreen keypad, full audio duplex, and Omnisound® support for HD audio, the B109 dominates its market. Thanks to the simplified Bluetooth pairing and connection using near-field communication (NFC), now all your calls can be HD calls. The B109 even includes a noise-suppression function to block out unwanted background sound, so you can maintain productivity despite sudden interruptions.

Want to end your meeting on an upbeat note? With Bluetooth A2DP, you can wrap up a long conference with the music of your choice while enjoying superior sound quality. 

Most importantly, since the Avaya B109 tool is supported by Avaya Equinox and all of its conferencing tools, all Avaya TelWare customers have easy connectivity just a click away!

For more information about the Avaya B109 conferencing tool, please contact TelWare at 1-800-637-3148 or TelWare is a national leader in the installation of voice, video, and data solutions.


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